We will welcome you in the historical town of Port Union where we will give you a speech of all the potential things you will have a chance to see, along with safety and emergency procedures. We will get everyone suited up with a wet suite, life jacket and kayak equipment. 

We will drive to Trinity Bay North and start our journey into the atlantic ocean. This 4 hour tour will include the history of Newfoundland, landscape, tectonic plates, waterfalls, puffins, sea birds, eagles and their nest. You will have a chance to see different species of whales like a fin whale which is the second largest species on earth, around 82 feet long, the humpback which is around 55 feet long and the most exciting showing full breaching, fin slapping, tail lobbing and spy hoping. you may see a minke which is the smallest but fastest or even a sperm whale. There are a rare chance to see orcas, sharks, leather back turtles, tuna and seals.

The landscape will blow your mind because of the following; tectonic plate separations, sea stacks, mineral coloured rocks, waterfalls, and caves. 

Be prepared for your experience with water, lip balm, sun screen, hat, gloves, warm and waterproof clothing, water appropriate shoes, waterproof protection for your phone or camera, snacks, and sun glasses. We will exchange pictures and videos later. 

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14 Wilshires road, Port Union Newfoundland

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