The Port Union sea kayak harbour tour in the atlantic ocean. We will meet in Port Union and talk about all the potential sights you may see, along with the history of Port Union, Newfoundland and landscape. Your guide will talk about your adventure including safety and emergency procedures. You will see all the row houses and businesses that were set up in the first and only union built town in North America in the early 1900s. 

We will kayak to Murphys Cove and then hike to an island lighthouse and sit and watch whales potentially breaching, spy hoping, fin slapping or tail lobbing. You will see very unique trails and landscape and listen to the waves moving beach rocks back and forth. 

Our next adventure will be to look for fossils that are over 500 million years old. We will kayak along the shoreline to see fools gold that the first adventures thought was gold. You will get a lot of chances to take pictures and videos.

Be prepared with water, sun screen, hat, gloves, lip balm, snacks, warm and water proof clothing, proper water shoes, sunglasses and water proof gear for your phone or camera. 


14 Wilshires road, Port Union Newfoundland

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